I need to get into a routine of exercising as soon as I get home from work! That is starting today!!! Need to stop being chubby!

I have nearly tripped over beans twice today. Beans is the cafe cat btw.


relationship status: slept with laundry I was too lazy to fold

(via late-night-rendezvous)

My least favourite part about this weekend was definitely getting alcohol poisoning and spending all of yesterday vomiting. Every other part though was awesome.

Just beat my best min/km time by 2 mins. That was probably the best run I have ever been on.

Full black outfit plus sun isn’t a good combo. Damn having to wear black for work.

I just got home from running errands to find the boyfriend asleep on the bed wearing a shark onesie. I would totally post a pic but that would be weird. 

8 day work weeks are not my idea of fun, especially when paired with 7am starts and the possibility of getting a cold.

You know you’re poor when you have to water down cream so you can have a bowl of cereal…