It is far too early to be awake on a Saturday. Damn work. Thank god I am only going to keep this job until Feb when I go back to school. I am so tired and just really want to sleep. Plus my hand are all cut up from sailing yesterday. 

So tempted to delete my tumblr. Tumblr is just full of whiny complainers (except the racism thing, that’s legit).

So we are watching the Kim Dotcom panel and let’s just say. There is a reason why after doing a degree in politics, that I want to open a bakery. I feel like I am back at uni and the man is annoyed coz I’m not interested. If I were interested, I would have tried to find a job in the government, yet here I am with a politics degree working in a cafe!

Locked out of my building because the boyfriend has my keys and he’s in a business meeting. I need to pee!

Wah work starts in 10 minutes. I will have fun though. Kinda miss my old job a bit.

Anonymous: You should draw a puma wearing puma shoes.








I fucking lost it here


Kinda wanna have sex

Kinda wanna sleep for 12 hours

Kinda wanna eat 2 large pizzas 

(via no-nonono)

I’m so tired… Don’t want to go to work…